Harness Testing with Supakit®

We have been having fun acting as product testers for the lovely team at Supakit this month so we thought we would share our experiences with you! Patrick is a lover of the outside world, but we don’t let him free roam. He has always had a harness (a small dog harness) which he wears with a retractable lead which we anchor to something in the garden. This has always worked for us (with a few attempts at getting over the fence for birds on the neighbours roof!) however the harness we used was pretty ill fitting as it wasn’t designed for his shape. So when I saw Supakit were looking for product testers for their new Gatsby Cat Harnesses, I was keen to try something out which had been specifically designed for cats!

Norma had never tried a harness, and hadn’t been outside yet – she’s still pretty young and the weather here has been awful this winter, however this all changed this weekend when we’ve had a mini heatwave! So we harnessed up and spent some time in our little sun trap of a garden. Norma quickly unleashed her inner garden lioness and was strutting around like she owned the place, meanwhile Patrick stayed his usual cool self, chilling out under the tall grasses in the shade.

Patrick Harness 1
The ever handsome Patrick modelling a Large Gatsby Cat Harness by Supakit

The harnesses are perfect for both of them. Norma wears a small – at 10 months, she is still growing, however we have had the harnesses for a couple of months and each time we have tried them, a little adjustment to the straps does the trick and she still has plenty of room to grow into it. We initially thought Patrick would need a large as he’s quite a big cat (approximately 6kg and tall and lean) but actually the medium fits him with ample room to adjust it bigger. The harnesses feel really sturdy and are the same beautiful soft leather as the collars (Patrick has a nice mint green one!) and the waxed cotton straps are easy to move to ensure you can get the perfect fit. They are much easier to get on than our previous harness – they can just step into them and the single quick release buckle is easy to fasten and looks really stylish! (I think it makes norma look like she’s wearing a cute mini backpack!) All in all we are really impressed with these handmade harnesses and it’s reassuring knowing they are wearing something that fits securely and they aren’t likely to escape out of! You can find out more on the Supakit webpage here Supakit Harness and Lead

Norma Harness 1
Our little garden lioness Norma modelling a Small Gatsby Cat Harness by Supakit

Published by patrickandnorma

I am Amy - cat mum to Patrick Catson and Baby Norma. Patrick is my one year old Bengal Savannah cross breed and Norma is our gorgeous Abyssinian kitten! Here I will document their lives!

2 thoughts on “Harness Testing with Supakit®

  1. Our Mum ordered us some harness from America petsafe. I(Sherlock)wear a large and Kiara wears a small. The fit really well Kiara still has growing to do so hers is a little big even with adjustments. Mum says they are the best fitting harnesses she has had, and believe me she has tried a number from shops own brand to designer jackets.

    These harnesses stop us reversing out of the harness which is a skill I have acquired, they come with long elastics red leashes.


    1. We have had issues with backing out of harnesses too! These are much better as they’re built for their shape! Patrick’s last one had a neck hole that was too big so he was forever escaping!! Great you found a good one!


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